Extended Warranties

One of the best things about purchasing a pre-enjoyed vessel is the cost saving involved with respect to new boats.  One of the advantages of new boat ownership is the warranty protection offered by the manufacturer.  JAC Yachts can offer you extended protection plans that will make buying your next pre-enjoyed dream boat more worry free.

Through our partners at Secured Marine Transactions, JAC Yachts can offer extended warranties on many of our pre-enjoyed boats.  We can offer up to three years of extended coverage which can give you the peace of mind of a new boat ownership. 

One major advantage of a warranty is that it allows you to plan your expected costs over the following years and not have any unexpected repair bills.  The extended warranty programs that we can offer can be as simple as just engine coverage, or "bumper-to-bumper" protection depending on your specific needs.

Let us help you make your next several seasons worry and hassle free.  Contact our partners at Secured Marine Transactions for more information:

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